Our Mission

  • advance the sustainable restoration and preservation of Carolina Gold Rice and other heirloom grains
  • raise public awareness of the importance of historic ricelands and heirloom agriculture
  • encourage, support, and promote educational and research activities focused on heirloom grains
  • serve as an information resource center to provide authentic documentation on heirloom grain culture and heritage

Dr. Merle Shepard examining the pannicles of
rice ready for harvest

Future activities

include outreach for the identification, recovery and sustainable restoration of heirloom grains threatened with extinction through:

  • funding support of genetically pure seed banking efforts and horticultural research
  • funding and administrative support for developing future symposia focusing on heirloom grain restoration and culture
  • funding support for electronic archiving of important historic and contemporary reference works and research papers dealing with the authenticity, preservation and restoration of heirloom grains and their culture
  • funding support for authentic heirloom agricultural display and documentation for youth education
  • funding support for natural breeding and improvement of contemporary grains based upon the genetic diversity of heirloom grains
  • funding support for aggressive media outreach to promote public awareness and understanding of the current and potential ability of heirloom agriculture to enhance the quality, availability and security of global food supply in the first and third worlds